Who is Turn

Since 2006,  Turn Wireless has been providing wireless Internet services throughout Southern California. Founded with the vision of offering greater more flexible choices in Internet products, Turn Wireless has grown a portfolio of services spanning multiple business practices.  Rather than trying to expand Internet access by bringing phone lines, fiber or cable to businesses and homes we use our wireless network to deliver service to a larger coverage area.  By reaching customers who are many times just "not reachable" opens the door to tremendous opportunities for growth.

The final leg in delivery

The ability to do business or enjoy your home can be determined by fast and reliable Internet services.  There has always been a struggle to find competitive and efficient service for those who are outside the phone or cable companies' coverage areas.   Our wireless network provides those who were traditionally at a disadvantage due to location with an alternative that works. Turn Wireless connects users to the Internet using radio frequency signals that substitute for conventional copper wire, fiber optics or cable infrastructure. 

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