Flexible Internet

By providing an alternative to traditional Internet service, Turn’s high-speed wireless Internet offers the flexibility and freedom that small to large businesses most appreciate.

Because technology isn’t a luxury any longer, but an absolute necessity for businesses, high-speed Internet options are becoming more popular. Through the simple installation of a small antenna on the roof that communicates with one of our base stations, businesses can enjoy flexible Internet service without delay. Most installations can be completed in one week.

Short-Term Services Too

We’re also pleased to offer convenient month-by-month high speed wireless Internet for companies who are relocating and waiting for infrastructure to be built—or who need Internet access for a construction site or film production.

Maybe you’re a business owner frustrated by the slow and intermittent service that you’re currently getting. Or maybe you’re a resident or telecommuter living a simpler life and don’t wish to struggle any longer with sporadic access.

It doesn’t matter. What does matter is now you can have high-speed wireless Internet service from us.

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