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Southern California High-Speed Internet Service Provider

Turn Wireless brings an alternative form of high-speed Internet access to hundreds of businesses and a variety of residences across Southern California. Our customers include small to large businesses who are not satisfied with their existing broadband availability and reliability—or who are simply looking for more bandwidth. We help them—and countless others—benefit from cost-effective, scalable high-speed Internet.

Quick Set-Up

Since we bypass local telecommunications companies, our solution requires no phone lines...no cable company.... no trenching or costly installation—saving businesses valuable time and money. Plus, our high-speed Internet service can be quickly set-up with a small antenna placed directly on the roof of the building. Once installed, it communicates with one of our base stations to bring you:
  • Solid and consistent high-speed Internet
  • More flexibility over traditional broadband service
  • Improved up-time and reliability
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